“Lucy” : A Movie About Luciferian Philosophy

Luc Besson’s Lucy is a movie about a woman who unlocked the full, 100% potential of her brain power instead of the 10% humans reportedly use. While many viewers were confused by the movie’s odd mix of pseudo-science and action scenes, the core of the movie lies in a whole other realm: It is about the Luciferian philosophy of the occult elite and its futuristic pendant, transhumanism.


Warning : Gigantic spoilers ahead

Lucy is a science fiction movie that combines profound existential questions with a bunch of action scenes involving Asian gangsters. While this dichotomy wasn’t well received by critics, there is an esoteric message hiding behind it all. Lucy is indeed more than a movie in which Scarlett Johanson being a “bad-ass” – it is an allegorical tale celebrating the philosophy of the elite : Luciferianism.

The fact that the main character is named Lucy is the first clue hinting towards the philosophical basis of the movie.  The name Lucy and Lucifer both derive from the Latin word “lux” which means “light”. Lucifer means “light bringer” in Latin, and is considered by Luciferians to have brought divine knowledge (light) to humans after being cast out of heaven by God. In Luciferian circles, Lucifer is perceived as a “savior” who gave humans the knowledge necessary to ascend to divinity. In the movie, Lucy is a human version of Lucifer, as her increased brain capacity allows her to gain the knowledge required to become a god.

Going further than ancient Biblical tales, the movie is also labelled “transhumanist”, which is a modern, futuristic byproduct of Luciferian thought. Transhumanism is about humans reaching another level of development through man-made technology and robotics. To fully understand Lucy, we will need to look further into these two concepts.

Luciferianism and Transhumanism

“Luciferianism” is a word that is rarely used because the word “Lucifer” is associated with Satan in Judeo-Christian theology. It is nevertheless the philosophy that overwhelmingly prevails in the highest circles of society – what we call the occult elite. Interpreted in several forms, Luciferianism can be associated with philosophical currents such as humanism, gnosticism and Kabbalism and is the driving force behind secret societies such as the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, and many others.

Luciferianism is about humans reaching divinity through human means. This philosophy is symbolically represented with two mythical figures who bear similar characteristics: Prometheus and Lucifer. Both of these figures are considered by some circles to be benefactors of humanity as they brought fire and light (representing divine knowledge) to struggling humans. They gave mankind the means to become gods themselves, through their own means.

From this perspective, Luciferians interpret Biblical tales from a unique vantage point. In Genesis, Luciferians consider the snake who gave Eve the forbidden apple to be a hero, as he is the one who brought humanity knowledge of good, evil and everything in between. The story of the tower of Babel, a human construction meant to reach God in the sky is viewed favorably by Luciferians as it represents humanity’s struggle to reach divinity; the building of this immense tower was, however, stopped by God who is perceived as a jealous demiurge who trapped humans in the physical world.

In the 20th century, a high-tech version of this philosophy appeared as transhumanism, a movement that seeks the use of science and robotics to push humanity to another stage of development. Transhumanism’s admitted ultimate goal is the total merging of humans and robots. While most people who agree with transhumanism probably do not know much about Luciferianism, one of its “founding fathers” clearly sees the connection.

The British philosopher Max More first articulated the principles of transhumanism as a futurist philosophy in 1990 and started a worldwide intelligencia to promote it. One of his essays, entitled “In Praise of the Devil” goes deep in theological territory to connect transhumanism with Luciferianism.

The Devil—Lucifer—is a force for good (where I define ‘good’ simply as that which I value, not wanting to imply any universal validity or necessity to the orientation). ‘Lucifer’ means ‘light-bringer’ and this should begin to clue us in to his symbolic importance. The story is that God threw Lucifer out of Heaven because Lucifer had started to question God and was spreading dissension among the angels. We must remember that this story is told from the point of view of the Godists (if I may coin a term) and not from that of the Luciferians (I will use this term to distinguish us from the official Satanists with whom I have fundamental differences). The truth may just as easily be that Lucifer resigned from heaven.

According to More, Lucifer probably exiled himself out of moral outrage towards the oppressive demiurge Jehovah. He therefore describes the basis of Luciferian thought:

God, being the well-documented sadist that he is, no doubt wanted to keep Lucifer around so that he could punish him and try to get him back under his (God’s) power. Probably what really happened was that Lucifer came to hate God’s kingdom, his sadism, his demand for slavish conformity and obedience, his psychotic rage at any display of independent thinking and behavior. Lucifer realized that he could never fully think for himself and could certainly not act on his independent thinking so long as he was under God’s control. Therefore he left Heaven, that terrible spiritual-State ruled by the cosmic sadist Jehovah, and was accompanied by some of the angels who had had enough courage to question God’s authority and his value-perspective.

What does this all have to do with Lucy? Well, Lucy is about everything above. It is about humanity reaching divinity through knowledge, about using science and technology to break “biological barriers”.

Although all of this might sound positive, there is a troubling, dark side to it all: Only a select few can be “illuminated” by the light of Lucifer. The rest of humanity is perceived as a lesser race with lives of no value. For this reason, Lucy remorselessly kills a bunch of people, including many innocents. This is what Luciferian thought is truly about.

Lucy as a Regular, Everyday Idiot

At the beginning of the movie, Lucy is a young woman who is clearly not a genius. She is manipulated by the douchebag she is dating to bring a suitcase to some person inside a hotel. She ends up getting mixed-up in a high-stakes Asian mob deal – and she’s confused and panicky the entire time.

The first scenes of the movie are intercut with footage of a leopard hunting a prey.

The first scenes of the movie are intercut with footage of a leopard hunting a prey. This is a rather heavy handed way of telling us that regular, un-illuminated humans act like animals in the jungle.

As she gets roughed up by the mobsters, Lucy wears a leopard-skin vest which tells you that Lucy is a regular, animalistic human who have yet to reach a high level of evolution.

As she gets roughed up by the mobsters, Lucy wears a leopard-print vest which tells us that Lucy is a regular, animalistic human who has yet to reach a higher level of evolution.

The mobsters end up turning Lucy into a drug mule. They insert into her body a packet of CPH4, a synthetic drug that is about to flood the European market. After receiving a kick in the stomach, the packet located inside Lucy breaks and her body absorbs the contents of the entire packet. This causes her brain to become increasingly powerful.

At one point, a doctor tells Lucy:

“Pregnant women manufacture CPH4 in the sixth week of pregnancy in tiny quantities. For a baby, it packs the power of an atomic bomb. It’s what gives the fetus the necessary energy to form the bones in its body. I heard they tried to make a synthetic version of it.”

In the philosophical context of the movie, the fact that the drug is synthetic (which means that it was created by humans), is important as it ties in with the transhumanist philosophy of human evolution through science and technology.

Is there any scientific truth to Luc Besson’s premise? Here’s a part of an interview with Besson discussing the science behind Lucy.

Q: Some people are complaining about the fact that the science behind your film — the whole idea that humans only use 10 percent of their brains — is not true. What’s your response to that?

A: It’s totally not true. Do they think that I don’t know this? I worked on this thing for nine years and they think that I don’t know it’s not true? Of course I know it’s not true! But, you know, there are lots of facts in the film that are totally right. The CPH4, even if it’s not the real name — because I want to hide the real name — this molecule exists and is carried by the woman at six weeks of pregnancy.

While the scientific facts behind the movie are nebulous, the symbolic meaning of it all is not. While Lucy is in the process of transforming into a transhuman superhero, Professor Norman (played by Morgan Freeman) gives a presentation about the untapped power of the human brain. His speech quickly turns into an advertisement for transhumanism.

Professor Norman explains that the only aim of cells is to go through time and the only way to achieve this is to either become immortal or reproduce. Lucy did not reproduce.

Dr. Norman explains that the only aim of simple cells is to make the knowledge they’ve acquired go through time. The only ways to accomplish that is to either become immortal or to reproduce … Lucy did not reproduce.

Professor Norman then says something that comes straight from a pamphlet for transhumanism :

“It’s up to us to push the rules and laws and go from evolution to revolution”.

In other words, humans need to reach another stage through technological and scientific advancement, not through natural evolution.

This is exactly what happens to Lucy. Along with acquiring a great amount of knowledge, Lucy develops extra-sensory perception (ESP) and is even able to control matter and other people. But one thing is terribly wrong: As soon as Lucy becomes smarter, she starts shooting and killing people. Why?

Luciferian Lucy: A Representative of the Occult Elite

Someone once said: “It is not about how much knowledge you have, it is about what you do with it”. What did Lucy do when she became the most intelligent person on Earth? Did she cure cancer? Did she find a solution to world hunger? Did she invent an economic system that is fair and profitable for all countries on Earth? Nope. She grabbed a gun a started shooting Asian guys. Even worse, she goes on to cause pain and suffering innocent people.

As soon as Lucy breaks out from her cell, she kills everybody in the vicinity. Is remorselessly killing people a sign of advanced intelligence?

As soon as Lucy breaks out from her cell, she kills everybody in the vicinity. Is remorselessly killing people a sign of advanced intelligence?

While killing those involved with her capture is somewhat understandable (although she probably did not need to kill everybody), the bloodshed does not end there. When she goes outside, she shoots a taxi driver in the leg because he did not immediately comply with her request. Later in the movie, Lucy drives like a crazy person and causes a ten-car pileup.

How many people died and got injured in the wreckage caused by Lucy? Lucy doesn't care.

How many people died and got injured in the wreckage caused by Lucy? Lucy doesn’t care.

The pain Lucy causes is also psychological. When a doctor asks Lucy to prove her powers, she “enters” his brain and reminds him of the death of his daughter in specific detail. She could have told him about the color of his car, but why do that when you can talk about the most painful memory imaginable?

Lucy’s transformation takes a very specific direction and being a “good person” is not part of it. Her metamorphosis caused her to completely lack moral values, compassion and consideration for other human beings. Apparently, being extremely intelligent turns you into an evil transhuman robot. Lucy herself says:

“I don’t feel pain, fear, desire. It’s like all things that make us human are fading away. It’s like the less human I feel, all this knowledge about everything, quantum physics, applied mathematics, the infinite capacity of a cell’s nucleus. They’re all exploding inside my brain, all this knowledge.”

If one examines Lucy’s evolution, one realizes that she turns into exactly what the occult elite represents. She uses her powers to control people and to advance her aims despite the human suffering she is causing. She morphed into something that is not human and, all of a sudden, regular humans are treated by Lucy as lesser beings that are idiotic, manipulable and expandable.

Throughout Lucy's transformation, we see closeups of her eye which keeps changing forms, sometimes looking reptilian which emphasizes the fact that she it not human anymore.

Throughout Lucy’s transformation, we see closeups of her eyes which keeps changing forms (sometimes appearing reptilian) which emphasizes the fact that she it not human anymore.

Lucy also has no trouble use sex (one of human's animal weaknesses) to get what she wants.

Lucy also has no trouble using sex (one of humans’ animalistic weaknesses) to get what she wants.

Also, like the occult elite, she spends a LOT of time controlling and monitoring people’s electronic devices.

Not unlike the NSA, a creation of the elite to completely control the flow of information across the world, Lucy can easily take control of electronic devices.

Not unlike the NSA, a creation of the elite to control the flow of information across the world, Lucy can easily take control of electronic devices.

She can literally visualize and consult the data emitted by mobile finds towards the satellite, like the NSA.

She can literally visualize and consult the data emitted by mobile phones, not unlike the NSA.

Of course, like the elite, she can appear on television and hear what you say in your living room. Interestingly enough, the television in Dr. Norman's hotel room is a Samsung - a brand which was recently discovered that listens to conversations even when it is turned off and sends it to a "third party" (which can easily be the NSA).

Of course, like the elite, she can appear on television. Interestingly enough, the television in Dr. Norman’s hotel room is a Samsung. A recent news story revealed that Samsung Smart TVs can listen to your conversations (even when its off) and send the information collected to a “third party” (which can easily be the NSA).

Like the occult elite, Lucy is not on a pure, noble mission for illumination. There is a dark side to her actions, and, apparently, since she’s the hero of the movie, it’s all good.

Lucy Ascends to Divinity

Towards the end of the movie, Lucy is less a human being than a divine being who sacrifices her terrestrial life to becoming nothing less than a god (I don’t use the term goddess because gods are neither male nor female). Lucy’s meeting with Dr. Norman at La Sorbonne University turns into a strange, high-tech, occult ritual where she transcends space and time to achieve divinity. During the entire ritual, lowly, idiot humans kill each other nearby in a flurry of gunshots.

The ultimate goal of Lucy’s transcendence is to pass on the knowledge she obtained, the same way two simple cells pass on their knowledge through time. However, according to Dr. Norman, this knowledge might be too powerful for mankind.

“But all this knowledge, Lucy. I’m not even sure mankind is ready for it. We’re so driven by power and profit. Given man’s nature, it might bring us only instability and chaos (…). I just hope we’ll be worthy of your sacrifice”.

This is the thinking behind secret societies who “hide” their occult knowledge from the uninitiated behind several layers of symbolism (occult literally means “hidden”). The profane masses are considered too unworthy and primitive to deal with powerful knowledge. In short, Luciferians are extremely elitist.

As Lucy transforms, she emits a great burst of light. As stated above, Lucifer means "light bringer" and, with her chemical enhancement, Lucy brings literal light and figurative light in form of knowledge.

As Lucy transforms, she emits a great burst of light. As stated above, Lucifer means “light bringer”.

She gradually turns into a big, black mass of something I cannot define and creates a super-mega-computer to store her knowledge. Lucy sits in the middle of a ritualistic pentagram to give the process an occult undertone.

Lucy gradually turns into a big, black mass of crappy CGI and uses it to create a super-mega-computer to store her knowledge. Lucy sits in the middle of a ritualistic pentagram to give the process an occult undertone.

Before completing her transformation, Lucy uses her powers to travel through space and time in order to visit various landmarks around the world. She ends up face to face with the Lucy, “first human on Earth”.

Lucy is the name given to the remains of a new species found in 1974 in Ethiopia. Named a new species called Australopithecus afarensis, it is considered by scientists to be a "missing link" between animals and humans.

Discovered in 1974 in Ethiopia, Lucy is the name given to the remains of the “first human on Earth” – a never-seen before species called Australopithecus afarensis. It is considered by scientists to be a “missing link” between animals and humans.

In a symbolic gesture, Lucy points her finger towards the other Lucy.

In this trip back in time, Lucy shows us the Luciferian version of the Genesis. There Lucifer gives the "divine spark" to Lucy which will ultimately separate humans from animals. For the better or the worst.

Lucy goes back a few million years in the past to meet Lucy the half-monkey. We therefore witness a Luciferian version of the Genesis, where Lucifer gives the “divine spark” to Lucy the half-monkey which will ultimately separate humans from animals.

The scene is, of course, a heavy-handed reference to Michelangelo’s mural where God creates Adam. The painting is also briefly shown earlier in the movie when Dr. Norman talks about humanity’s amazing accomplishments despite only using 10% of its brain power.

While this mural depicts God giving life to Adam, the first man on Earth, the scene with the two Lucy's provides a "higher-intelligence", Luciferian version of creation.

Michaelangelo’s mural depicts God giving life to Adam, the first man on Earth. The scene with the two Lucy’s provides a “higher-intelligence”, Luciferian version of Creation.

But today’s humans are still stuck at 10% brain power and still act like morons. While Lucy transcends space and time, a whole bunch of people die a few feet from her.

This is not simply a "cool action scene". It is a way of communicating the Luciferian elite's beliefs : "Non-Illuminated" humans are idiots and deserve to die."

This is not simply a “cool action scene”. It is a way of communicating the Luciferian elite’s beliefs : “Non-Illuminated” humans are idiots and deserve to die.”

During the relentless fire between cops and mobsters, a statue of Robert de Sorbon - the founder of the University is destroyed - symbolically representing ignorant humans destroying knowledge.

During the relentless fire between cops and mobsters, a statue of Robert de Sorbon – the founder of the University is destroyed – symbolically representing ignorant humans destroying knowledge.

After the ritual turning Lucy into an immortal god, she gives Dr. Norman a USB stick containing all of her knowledge, which is pretty convenient.

When a cop barges in the room and asks where is Lucy, he receives a text message that sums up the entire movie.

Lucy has become an omniscient being who transcends time and space. Like a true Luciferian, she achieve god status through knowledge.

Lucy has become an omniscient being who is everywhere at all time. She acquired the qualities of a god. Like a true Luciferian, she achieved god status through knowledge.

The cop then looks towards the sky in admiration, the same way people usually look towards the heavens when thinking of God.

The movie ends with another symbolic scene: The lifeless body of a mobster seen from above, as if it was Lucy overlooking the blood sacrifice that was required to complete the occult ritual.


The movie ends with death, the fate of the uninitiated. Above him hovers the immortal Lucy.

In Conclusion

Lucy was bashed by critics for being somewhat nonsensical – but being “sensical” was not the point of this movie. It is a treatise for Luciferian philosophy, and it can only be fully “appreciated” by those who understand this philosophy. For those who don’t, well, there’s a bunch of action scenes peppered throughout to keep them entertained. Meanwhile, they absorb the occult meaning of the movie without even realizing what’s happening. These action scenes were meant to be in sharp contrast with the Lucy’s quest for knowledge because Luciferians perceive a sharp contrast between them and the masses. While Lucy’s busy achieving immortality and turning into a god, a bunch of clueless guys kill each other for no good reason. And nobody cares. Because their lives are considered worthless.

Therefore, beyond the nonsensical premise of Lucy, there is a very “sensical” message, one that is as powerful as it is disturbing: There are two classes of humans on Earth and transhumanism will widen the gap between them. Most of the projects involving transhumanism have been described by observers as “playing God”. But this is not simply an expression: It is exactly what Luciferians are about.

Source: vigilantcitizen.com

The Director of an Anti-NWO Movie Was Found Dead in his Home in Suspicious Circumstances

David Crowley, the director of “Gray State”, a movie about the New World Order and the occult mind-state of the elite was found dead in his home, along with his wife and young daughter. The Dakota County Sheriff’s Office stated that the deaths appeared “suspicious”.

leadgraystateDavid Crowley wrote and directed Gray State, an unfinished movie about the militarization of  police, the imposition of a martial law, high tech surveillance, RFID chips and the occult mind-state behind it all. The movie’s Facebook page states that the story is about “a wounded veteran who leads the insurgency against a corrupt Government after nationwide martial law has been declared.” Here’s the concept trailer of the movie.

In a 2012 InfoWars interview, Crowley stated that he felt it was his responsibly to spread the message about the possibility of a United States decline in wake of a New World Order. The interview describes the film as “a highly-anticipated independent film envisioning a brutal police state, martial law crackdown, complete with biometric identification, a ubiquitous surveillance state, and FEMA storm-troopers rounding dissidents up into camps.”

A poster of the unreleased movie Gray State.

A poster of the unreleased movie Gray State.

On January 17th, the bodies of David Crowley, his wife Komel and their five year-old daughter were found at their home.

The bodies of David, Komel and their daughter were discovered on Saturday by the Crowley’s next-door neighbor, Collin Prochnow. It was reported that the bodies had been inside the home for several weeks. Prochnow said that he had not seen any activity in the Crowley’s home since around Christmas, and he had initially assumed the family was traveling during the holidays. Prochnow said that packages were accumulating on the home’s doorstep and noticed that the lights inside the house were on day and night, so he decided to check on the family’s wellbeing over the past weekend.

Prochnow looked through a window of the house and discovered three bodies, along with a handgun, laying on the floor. A dog, which was alive, was also present. Audio from police radio obtained by MnPoliceClips.com revealed that police had found “several obviously deceased bodies in the front” of the home and there was a “very angry dog inside.” Police stated that the situation appears to have been a murder-suicide.
Deaths Of “Gray State” Director And Family Under Investigation, Ben Swann

The deaths of Komel and the little girl were ruled as a murder while Crowley’s death was ruled as a suicide. A handgun was found next to his body.

Apple Valley police Capt. John Bermel noted a few suspicious details, notably that there was no sign of violence or struggle on the crime scene and that a sliding door on the back had been unlocked and “slightly ajar”.

Apple Valley police Capt. John Bermel said that the medical examiner’s office did not find physical signs of a struggle on the bodies or inside of the home. Bermel also pointed out that the house was intact, although recorded audio of police had stated upon discovery of the bodies that a sliding door in the back of the Crowley’s house had been unlocked and “slightly ajar”. Bermel said “If there was a scuffle, you’d expect to find maybe something broken, maybe something knocked over.”

“There was nothing like that,” Bermel said.

Investigators stated that the last “verified activity” in the home was in late December.

Bermel said “What we’re realizing now is that there was some amount of substance use there, some financial stress and – as we’ve seen in some of the (news) stories — what we’re learning is there was starting to be some isolation,” although Bermel did not expound on the type of substance use. “What I can tell you is we are getting some indications of what may have contributed to this,” Bermel said.

Charlie Hubbell, an actor who appeared in the “Gray State” trailer, told Twincities.com that David Crowley “seemed more grounded and focused than would lend itself to anything chaotic.”

“The entire time I worked with him there was nothing aggressive or chaotic or strange or abnormal. He was one of the ones I was hanging my hat on, one who was going to succeed,” Hubbell said.
– Ibid.

While preliminary police reports state that Crowley resorted murder-suicide after months of depression and isolation, other observers believe that  he was killed by the very system his movie was opposing. Investigation is still underway.

Source: vigilantcitizen.com

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, July 7th, 2013


Sunday again, and time for my weekly rant…. I have started vacation as of today, so I will try to keep this one short and sweet…

First, I am very happy to see my friend and colleague, Whitewraithe, back in the battle… She has been MIA for the last few months dealing with personal issues, especially her ongoing health issues.  Her website, Pragmatic Witness II at http://www.pragmaticwitnessii.wordpress.com was basically sitting idle with only my weekly rants filling the void over the last month.   Now she is back putting up articles about her favorite subject, the Entertainment Industry, at her site, and she has my full support in her endeavors…

Yes, I am taking a vacation over the next few weeks, and will NOT be posting any new articles during that time, other than my weekly rants….. I need a breather and a break to recharge my batteries and just to get away from it all……I ask all of my regular readers to take a look at the other works by friends, colleagues, and other associates, that I have listed as “The Finest Bloggers That I Know” in the left hand column of this site during my absence.  You will not be disappointed…

On to other issues… Yes, Egypt is in revolt, and I am really surprised that the criminals in both the United States and the criminal terrorist state of Israel have the audacity to try to put their puppet, El Baradei, into the office of Egyptian Prime Minister.   When the last “Arab Spring” happened two years ago, I and others warned everyone that this El Baradei clown is nothing but a shill and the predesignated Rothschild choice for their continued dominance over Egypt.   Just the other day I saw where the phony Muslim Brotherhood is saying they are “against” the selection of El Baradei for Prime Minister.  This is just a game being played on the Egyptian people to somehow fool them into the false belief that El Baradei is suddenly on their side, and “anti-US/Israel”, when he most definitely is not. 

The Egyptian people need to find someone to replace the criminal US/Israel puppet Morsi, and they would be better off on finding someone that is not another puppet of these criminals.   The US/Israel replaced Mubarak back in 2011 with another of their puppets, Morsi, and now they want to replace Morsi with their next stooge, El Baradei.   This cycle of enslavement to US/Israel interests for the Egyptian people must end immediately.

While Egypt is in revolt, we still see the build up for war against Syria going on at a quickened pace these days primarily due to the fact that the good guys, Al-Assad’s government forces, are wiping out the so called “rebels” everywhere across Syria…. The cities of Aleppo and Hons have now been retaken from these mass murdering thugs, and “rebel” resistance across Syria is now almost wiped out.  The criminals in the US and their masters in Israel will not tolerate this defeat and they are again looking for any excuses now for open invasion of Syria itself.   I have said that people have to watch for something serious and very deadly to happen soon that these criminals can again try to blame on Al-Assad, and therefore have their invasion of Syria for their long sought “regime change” in that innocent nation.

Of course while crises are going on in Syria and Egypt, the big prize for the criminals in both the US and Israel is the innocent nation of Iran.  I have seen reports this last week where people are finally realizing that one of the primary reasons for the destruction of Iran is for the imposition of a Rothschild central bank in that nation, one of the last few on Earth that does not have one.  That is true, as well as the fact that Iran is trading its oil products in currency other than US dollars which could doom the entire Petro-Dollar scam.   I still say that the US/Israel will still try to launch one of their patented “False Flag” attacks somewhere in the world soon and have it blamed on Iran as their excuse for invasion.  We must maintain our vigilance and be ready if and when these criminals have the audacity for such an operation….

Some people have said that I should be putting up more articles about the NSA/Edward Snowden fiasco that is still ongoing…. I will state my thoughts about Snowden right here:  This man, if he is truly legitimate, is absolutely NOT a traitor to the United States.  He is a hero and has knowledge about the true traitors to the American public which is their own crooked government.   Snowden has information that could cause the criminal Soetoro regime to collapse, and rightfully so…. Any nation that allows criminal spying on its citizens is not free by a long shot, and the criminals behind such spying, which means the NSA, should all be charged with treason and rightfully put into jail immediately.  The time for true patriots that love America and truly believe in freedom and liberty to take a stand and take down the NSA and their cohorts is now….

With that said, we have news this week that Snowden has been offered asylum in several Latin American countries, including Venezuela and Bolivia.  I say good for them… The problem will be in getting Snowden, if he is still in Russia, out of that nation and transported to these nations without the criminals in the US intercepting him and capturing him along the way.   The criminal Soetoro government will definitely stop at nothing in having him silenced, including outright murdering him!

In other news… I see that the Canadian government tried again this last week in scaring the Canadian public with another phony “terrorist” attack, this time in British Columbia.  However, my friend “Penny” who writes Penny For Your Thoughts (www.pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.ca) has been all over this fraud, including her most recent follow up report exposing this fraud that shows that the initial charges against the two men “involved” in this laughable terrorist plot had been under surveillance for months, and were charged with planning this attack back in March.  It also appears that the two “culprits” were heavy drug users, totally inept, living in squalor conditions, and therefore could not even remotely have carried out an attack on the British Columbia legislature in Victoria.   After seeing Penny’s reports, this whole thing smells like a setup by the criminals in the Canadian government and the RCMP, and these two clowns were to be the patsies….. It does appear that Canada is trying just like the United States to scare its citizens into surrendering their freedoms with the periodic phony “terrorist attack”….

Some people have asked me WHY I posted an article recently about the phony NASA Apollo Moon Missions.   Many have said that it is a “dead issue” and should not warrant any articles or reports (!)… To me that is a travesty, because the fraud NASA Apollo Moon missions are still considered “Man’s greatest achievement”, when in fact they are one of the greatest lies in our so called recorded history.  I have long stated that people have to fully realize that all of our history is packed with lies.   If these criminals can lie about putting a man on the moon and get away with it… Then what about the rest of our so called “history”?  The fact is that once anyone realizes that Apollo was a fraud, then they rightfully will ask the question: “What else have they been lying to us about?”.   Once a mind is opened to that reality, then EVERYTHING gets opened to scrutiny… Including all of the lies perpetrated about the wars and genocides over the last century! (Holocaust anyone?)  That is why the lie of Apollo is so vigorously defended by the criminals in both NASA and the US Government to this day….

And speaking of NASA… I have still been searching here and there about any information about that great “Skycrane” device that so precisely landed that “Curiosity” probe on “Mars” over a year ago…. Just like the phony LEM that put men on the “moon” in the 1960’s-1970’s, we have this latest technological “marvel” that there mysteriously seems to be no technical data. or even pictures, anywhere to be found.  This only supports my statement that with Curiosity, NASA is again lying through its teeth…. It is bad enough that NASA creates a red Martian sky when in reality the sky should be black for all of its “Mars Missions”, but we have this latest fraud rover still plying away on “Mars” in its search for “life” there.   When it comes to NASA, once a liar, always a liar….

Well, so much for short and sweet… But I will conclude this rant with my usual last minute tidbits… With all the attention in the US focused on this Snowden/NSA fiasco, have any Americans noticed that their economy is now definitely going to hell?…….Speaking of hell on Earth, I see that the Fukushima disaster in Japan is still going strong.  Again few reports about that disaster that is actually killing people, which to me is so sad……Of course with all the turmoil in neighboring Egypt going on to draw world attention away, the criminal Israelis are again building new settlements in occupied territory.  I stand behind my previous statements that the only future for the Palestinians now is to either fight for their survival, or die…..We just went through one of the coldest Junes on record, and the planet is definitely cooling.  Has anyone heard from Al Gore lately?……..Yes, it is true. Deanna Spingola wants me on her show sometime in the future.  I will have to wait for a day off though, because her show time of 11am CDT definitely conflicts with my work schedule.   I will keep everyone posted and informed when that show does take place…..I see a court in the US finally ruled that vaccines cause Autism and brain damage.  It took this long for them to figure out that Mercury is no good for you?…..And finally, some people say I should take a break from taking shots at the Kardashians.  Let me think about it.  Nahhhhhh.   I see that Kanye and Kim took their daughter, named North West, out on the 4th of July in Malibu.  If there is an excuse for anyone to get the hell out of Malibu, California, having to endure that skank with her sick entourage and their twisted media circus is it….I will see everyone in two weeks, but will in the meantime still try to post up my rants over the next two Sundays.  Until then…

More to come


Guest on SPINGOLA SPEAKS – 7/5/2013

Retro MicrophoneI will be on Deanna’s radio program SPINGOLA SPEAKS tomorrow morning from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Republic Broadcasting Network. 

Tentatively, the topic is on Jewish Cultural Influence through Hollywood.  As we speak, I am in the process of completing an essay on the same topic.  It will be uploaded later tonight.

I look forward to hearing from a few readers so I hope you’ll call in.


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 30th, 2013

It is now Sunday, June 30th, 2013, and it is time for my weekly rant of what I see is wrong and sometimes right in this world…

First things first… I want to wish all of my fellow Canadians a Happy Canada Day tomorrow, July 1st, 2013.   It is supposed to be a day to celebrate being Canadian… But considering what I have seen from the criminal Harper regime in Ottawa over the last while, there is little here to be truly happy about…

Yes, the province of Alberta has just endured one of the worse floods in their history, with much of Calgary and surrounding communities inundated and destroyed by flood waters.  But what just came across the news the last few days definitely raised my own eye brows… It does appear that while the waters in the community of High River, Alberta were receding, the criminal Harper federal government sent in their Royal Canadian Mounted Police (thugs) RCMP officials to go illegally into High River homes, and illegally and without warrants seize any firearms they came across…. This is not only illegal search and seizure, but shows that the Harper government is indeed working on confiscating Canadian firearms just as badly as the Soetoro administration in Washington is.  Sadly, most Canadians are unaware of this criminal action by their own government, while they sit back and try to enjoy this long weekend…

So, again, Happy Canada Day, my fellow Canadians… Enjoy your barbeques, your beaches, your cottages, while this once free nation goes to hell along the same path that the once great United States is taking…

I have indeed been watching the news reports over the last while about this Edward Snowden character and how he has valuable information about the illegal activities of the criminal NSA in America.   It does appear that he is continuing to be on the run as the US is indeed doing a global search for him to have him “captured” (most probably killed) for his knowledge and to be brought back to America to face trial….

I do wonder what Edward Snowden does know that he is so wanted by the criminal Soetoro administration?  And I am troubled by one important fact that many have overlooked… If this man has indeed information that could damage or destroy the Soetoro administration and bring down the criminal NSA as well… Then why the HELL has he not already come forward to any news organization on this planet and spilled his guts about what he knows… It would not only be one of the biggest news reports of the century, but would also clear his conscience of his involvement…. But we have instead his continuing run from US officials, and his unwillingness to clear his soul… That does give credibility to those who think that he is nothing more than a diversion and is being used by these criminals as just another cog in their ongoing war against humanity through their art of deception… If it was me, and I knew everything that Snowden supposedly knows, I would be telling EVERYONE in a heartbeat….

Of course the bigger issue is still the NSA itself, and its continuing spying on the American public with impunity.  I am deeply troubled that more Americans are not up in arms about this serious criminality against their freedoms and liberties…. But of course we have a United States now that is nothing more than a ghost of its previous greatness, where most of the public has been heavily drugged and chemicalized to where their minds are nothing more than mush now… And of course just as in my last article, they have allowed their nation to be run by psychotic thugs, murderers, and lunatics…..It is shocking to see how far the mighty have now fallen…

Of course the NSA scandal is just one diversion of the American public’s attention while the Soetoro regime continues criminal actions all over the world…. One major action by the Soetoro regime is of course their continuing buildup to war against the innocent nation of Syria on behalf of their criminal masters in Tel Aviv…. Few have noticed this week as the US has begun to send a contingency of US troops to Egypt, and has continued to ship more men and equipment to nations bordering Syria, and primarily Jordan under the recent fake “military exercise”… It will only be a matter of time now before these criminals try to impose their “no fly zone” over the innocent nation of Syria, before they openly invade that nation which could happen as soon as this August.

Of course the US and Israel are trying to speed up their plans for an attack on Syria, because the good guys, which are the Syrian government forces under Assad, have been winning their war against the murderous US/Israeli bought and paid for mercenaries, and are at the point now that so called “rebel” resistance in Syria itself has been basically wiped out… The Syrian government forces have now cleaned out major centers such as Homs, and Aleppo, of these criminal and psychotic murderers and are definitely on their way to making Syria “rebel” free…. The US and Israel now have to act fast, or their criminal operations with these thugs will vanish….

Another issue that has happened this last week that had little fanfare was the Soetoro regime pushing their Carbon Tax legislation under the phony Global Warming scam, on the American public.  I read a report where Soetoro himself is now passing himself off as a magician, claiming that his Global Warming scam push can somehow control the world’s temperatures…. This is such a laugher, and yet the American people that have already been so dumbed down and drugged up will probably swallow this BS without much opposition…..

I need not state again that man made Global Warming is pure bunk…. This planet’s climate is not affected by man made pollutants as these criminals behind the scam claim… And it is time for people to wake the hell up and realize that Carbon Dioxide is NOT this horrific “Greenhouse Gas” as the scam artists continue to claim… Carbon Dioxide is in fact a coolant, and a necessity for life on this planet.   The more CO2, the more plant life on this planet thrives… And considering the damage we have done to forrests and to plants already, a little more CO2 is not a bad thing at all!

Of course while world attention has been purposely diverted elsewhere by the Jew controlled media, we see the new reports of new Israeli “settlements” being built at an even more accelerated and alarming rate than ever before…. The facts are clear and people need to understand this clearly… Israel does not want peace with the Palestinians, because they want ALL of Palestine for themselves… People may not like my saying that the Palestinians have no choice now other than to fight, or be wiped out completely…. It is either resist the evil Israeli oppressors, or be exterminated… If I had that kind of choice to make, I know what my decision would definitely be!

And we see the continuing collapse of the US economy that has been also put on the sidelines with the continuing Snowden scandal…. It is absolutely sickening to see a supposedly rich nation, such as America, have so many people living on the streets and some 50+ million now living exclusively on food stamps just to survive…. It has been absolutely sad to watch during my last trips to the United States how much poverty there is, and I do wonder how the American public can continue to allow parasitic thieves and criminals that constitute some 2% of their population continue to control over 95% of the nation’s wealth, and allow so many Americans to suffer horribly.   Again, I put the blame on the brainwashing and drugging up of the American people… The question is always how long they will allow this travesty to continue before some positive action is taken …..

And of course we have been watching the collapse of Gold and Silver prices all over the planet… But this is by design and is being used to strike fear into people to sell off their physical metals…. Again, I do say that people should not give into these false fears, because the criminals themselves have long manipulated these markets and that they have some diabolical plans behind this Gold/Silver price implosion… Hang on to your metals, and do not give into unwarranted fear….

Yes, I have been very busy these last few weeks, trying to take care of personal business, family concerns, and other important issues… The result has been to allow this blog and my reports to slide a bit…..And on top of that, I will be taking a vacation break very soon, but will inform everyone when that happens….. People must understand that I am not giving up on doing this blog at all… I look at this as being my outlet for letting my feelings about what I see is wrong in this world come out, rather than keeping them bottled up…..

Well, I guess that is it for right now… I will of course close with a few parting tidbits….. With everything going so wrong in America right now, I wonder why the hell the people have not tried to have Soetoro impeached or put up on charges for his actions against US citizens?  Are the American people that much of a lost cause?…..I see there is a call for replacement of the failing Euro as a currency for the failed European Union.  I say the heck with that, and that all nations must dissolve that failed Rothschild experiment and go their own ways….No new reports from Fukushima Japan, which does indeed worry me.  Again, do the wars for Israel and NSA corruption matter more than people dying?…..My friend, Whitewraithe who writes Pragmatic Witness is still out there and kicking, and will be on Deanna Spingola’s show on Republic Broadcasting (www.republicbroadcasting.org) this Friday, July 5th, at 11am CDT.  I would like everyone to tune in because it will be a great show.  Maybe someday, Deanna will have me on as well.  Someday…… NHL Hockey season is now over, finally, and I am going through withdrawals now as a hockey loving Canadian.   Just 3 more months before it starts all over again.  Some people say all professional sports are fixed, but we all need an outlet…… And finally, news about everyone’s favorite American skank family and distraction from all that ails America, the Kardashians!  It does appear that princess and primary skank Kim has named her baby “North”, making her daughter’s full name “North West”.  How original, and to me an insult to anyone living in the Northwestern United States and Canada.  I can guarantee that her next child (heaven forbid) will be named “South”, and will give everyone in the southwestern United States something definite they can be proud of…. Yes, maybe its time for me to stop taking shots at the Kardashians and instead look at other American crap reality families… Nahhhhhh….

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

It is now Sunday, and it is time again for my weekly rant…

Yes, I have been semi- “Missing In Action” the last while…. I have been spending more time lately taking care of personal and family business, and working at getting myself into better shape..  I have long been a proponent of the idea that a “Healthy body makes for a healthy mind”… With that, this blog has fallen a bit by the wayside, and there have been fewer articles lately… But like I have said before, I am not quitting… I have never been a quitter, and I will continue to be around for quite some time to come….

Yesterday, I spent an hour talking to my good friend and colleague, Whitewraithe, who of course writes the Pragmatic Witness blog (www.pragmaticwitnessii.wordpress.com), and I figured I would let her fans know here that she is very much alive and kicking… She has been suffering from a lot of stress and depression the last while, which has led to her having severe health issues.  She has not posted an article at her blog for a while as a result…. I have again asked her not to quit, and she has informed me that she does not want to quit, but wants to take her blog in a different direction.   I will always support her in her endeavors, and I do hope for the best for her….

When I look at the diabolical people behind what ails this planet right now, I have always been asking myself… How can anyone of good conscience do such horrible things to their fellow human beings?   I have long been puzzled by the mentality of these monstrous criminals, due to the fact that I have long believed that human beings are wired basically for good, and then I started thinking.. Maybe I have been wrong all along and human beings are not wired for good at all…It does appear that many are actually wired for personal selfishness, greed, and immorality….. Is this the true nature of the human psyche?

When I look upon the Jewish problem, and see that the majority are involved directly or indirectly in the crimes against the rest of humanity, I am indeed troubled…. How can anyone go through an entire lifetime with such hatred for their fellow man?  How is it that these people can somehow consider themselves as superior to others?   To me, we are all human beings, flesh and blood, and with our physical and mental weaknesses.  I have long said that the key to humanity is for each to work towards the benefit of everyone, and not towards the selfishness of the few…This is why I do look at Judaism, which teaches selfishness, greed, and immorality as a whole, as a detriment of all mankind, and should rightfully find itself in the trashcans of history!

This last week, I saw some very interesting articles that I never covered in previous articles, but I will discuss a few here in this rant…. For example, a commentator asked me to look into the article that was out this week about several Jews in upstate New York who were working on an “X-ray gun” to take out the people who were against the criminal state of Israel.   When I read the article, I thought about how these guys could even possibly build such a device and from what I do know about X-ray machines, and how they operate…I laughed… The energy requirements for such a gun, and the makeup of such a device, would make it as deadly to the operator as to its intended victim.     The bottom line is that if such a device were built, it would irradiate the operator as badly as its intended target.   Maybe sometime in the future such a device could be built, but at present it is still out of the present scientific realm…… This is why I do not give much credence to this article at all….

Then there was a new article released last week about a Jewish man named Joe Corry who has suddenly had memories of his “exploits” in World War II, and has been writing them in his new “memoirs”…. I read the article about this clown, and I wondered why anyone could possibly believe his shoddy lies… This guy claims he watched the British landings on D-day from houses along the beach…. That alone was an impossibility, considering the Germans rightfully moved all the tenants of these homes out months before the D-Day landings, and these homes were then occupied with German soldiers…Then there was his outlandish claims that he met and RESCUED (!) Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the scientists behind the Manhattan Project, in Holland when the British pushed into that country in 1945…. That alone was a laugher considering that Dr. Oppenheimer was in the United States at the time working on the Manhattan Project, and absolutely nowhere near Holland…. Then there are other absolutely ridiculous claims that he assassinated a Nazi Scientist using a “crossbow”, and even attached limpet mines to U-boats…. But the real kicker was his “seeing experimental Nazi extermination camps” during his time in Holland…. What we have here is another Jewish LIAR who is out to try to sucker money out of the “Goyim”…. But what troubles me is how in the hell the Jewish community itself can actually condone this clown’s outright lies!…. But we already know that the Jews are all for suckering the Goyim with their lies… We have seen the Elie Wiesel lies already for too long…..

Now for the story of the week… The assassination of Journalist, Michael Hastings, on an interstate highway just outside of Los Angeles… And yes, lets stop kidding ourselves here… That was an assassination….. Michael Hastings was already exposing the criminality of the US Government and was going to reveal even more when Government agents took him out……I for one have never ever seen a Mercedes Benz explode the way his vehicle did, and to find engine parts a few hundred feet away from the explosion is the tell tale sign of a preplanned and prepositioned explosive charge on his vehicle… In my discussion with Whitewraithe yesterday, I said to her that I can guarantee Hastings was already dead, but they needed to create the “accident” to get rid of the body….. Remote controlled vehicles are easily done, and having it hit a tree at 100MPH and then explode conveniently gets rid of the body….This should be a warning to anyone who wants to turn whistle-blower to watch their steps very carefully….

Of course we have the continuing exposure of the United States NSA operation of surveillance of every American citizen…. I have already said in previous rants that they have been doing it now for decades, and that every computer program in existence today has a built in back door that allows agents to view what we are watching, listening to, and even posting in articles such as this.    I was indeed startled this last week when several Government officials said that they saw no problem with people being watched if there is nothing for them to hide…. That is just sick and not the point… True freedom means that individuals can make decisions and do what they want without the watchful eye of “big brother”…. To watch peoples’ every action is just another form of a tyrannical dictatorship.

Of course, this illegal surveillance is indeed going on here in Canada as well…. The criminal Harper government can deny it all they want, but Canadians are not that stupid (at least I hope), and are well aware that what is happening in America is reflected here in Canada as well…..I will state it again, any unwarranted surveillance of people is pure tyranny and criminality.   People have to wake the hell up and put a stop to it immediately.

I am truly troubled by the American people sitting idly by and just watching as their government moves arms, and men, to the borders of Syria for their planned attack on that innocent nation.   We are indeed watching Iraq 2003 all over again, and using the same lies now as then…. But the evidence is clear that the Syrian government has not or will never use chemical weapons on its own citizens.   Common sense, everyone…. Assad has the love and support of his people, so why in the hell would he even think about turning such weapons on them?

We all know by now that the US and Israel that have been funding the so called “rebels” are the perpetrators of this chemical weapon scheme.   The facts are clear that Assad’s Government forces are wiping out these criminals and murderers in every battle across Syria, and that the “rebel resistance” is rapidly disappearing now.   The only way to save these criminals is for direct US/Israeli intervention, and the criminals in the US government and the criminal state of Israel are wanting that intervention via the lie of chemical weapons…… Again, people have to wake the hell up and put a stop to it immediately…

I did put out an important article just a few days ago that should finally put the fraud of the need for seasonal “flu shots” out of its misery.    I have had an uphill fight for the last few years in trying to tell people who I see lined up at Pharmacies to receive their “free flu shots” to stop what they are doing… I have suffered from ridicule and even outright threats of harm in trying to convey the message that “flu shots” absolutely do NOT work……  I only ask people to look at all of the evidence that I and others have presented to show the proof of the fraud of vaccinations…. That article from Activist Post that I posted just vindicates my actions and my efforts….. I again ask everyone to absolutely refuse to take any vaccinations, period…. You are far better off by eating properly, getting proper rest, exercise, and taking supplements…. These can boost your immune system far better than poisoning it through the fraud of vaccines…

I saw an article the other day that shows how the Rothschilds and their cronies have been manipulating the Gold Markets and have been behind the wild fluctuations in Gold pricing the last while…. I really need to ask why nobody sees the obvious here… These criminal Jews have indeed been manipulating the price of Gold for their own benefit…. Their plans have always been to fully control every ounce of Gold in the world, and once they reach that phase of their plans…Destroy the world economies…. Once those economies are ruined, they will of course offer their “solution” which will be a Gold based currency…. But of course, since they control all the Gold that this new currency will be based upon, they will attain their sick twisted goal of being masters of all humanity…Control the Gold and they will control the world!

I see that many writers in the alternative media are focusing in on the TWA flight 800 disaster of July 17th, 1996 saying that government officials are lying about the cause of the crash being an electrical fault… Here it is in a nutshell… TWA flight 800 was indeed shot down by an Aegis cruiser launched surface to air heat seeking missile….. The US government has been lying its ass off for close to 17 years now and have been unwilling to accept the fact that they are fully responsible for this shoot down.   What should happen after all these years is for the US Government to finally admit their mistake, compensate the victims’ families for that mistake, and suffer the consequences of losing the trust of the people.  Their avoidance of telling the truth now will only make it much worse for them in the future….

I was reading an interesting article (link) by Stephen Lendman the other day about a “secret” US military base being built in Israel that turns out to be an ICBM missile base…. I am puzzled by this action by the US government in helping the Israelis develop intercontinental ballistic missiles, simply because these criminally insane Jews would indeed use these missile on American cities if they were ever in crisis according to their insane “Sampson Option”…. Does anyone else see the madness here in helping these lunatics build ICBMs that will be used on American cities????   Am I missing something here?  Is the American government really this stupid or are they just showing how much the Jews are in total control?

Well, I guess that is it for the major stuff today… But in closing, I will fire off a few last minute tidbits…. I see that the criminals behind the Global Warming fraud are definitely not giving up, and in fact the Barry Soetoro regime will announce its Global Warming plans as early as this coming Tuesday.  I sure hope people in America are ready for new fraud Carbon taxation!……And speaking of the fraud of global warming, this is turning out to be one of the coldest and wettest summers here in decades.   It has indeed been raining heavily here, but not as bad as what just hit Calgary Alberta!  All this rain and flooding are signs of definite Global Cooling which I and others have predicted for years….There have been a few reports trickling out of Japan over the last few weeks about the long term damage from the Fukushima disaster.  It appears that thousands are now definitely dying from radiation exposure, but the world is not paying any attention to this horrible disaster against humanity.  Again, wars for Israel come first!…Another report surfaced this last week about Jewish organ trafficking, this time in Costa Rica.  These ghouls never seem to quit their lust for Gentile organs, do they?…..If anyone has any doubts that professional sports are fixed, then they need to look at the NBA finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs as a prime example.   Jewish owners and Jewish commissioners fixing sports for money? Who would have thought?…..And finally, the part a lot have been waiting for; My weekly love of America’s sweethearts, the Kardashians!  I have received some complaints that I have been coming down too hard on these trollop skank whores, and that I should look at other examples of American lowlife such as Madonna.  Yes, Madonna is one scary looking skeleton, and she is a warped thinking Kaballist. But her heyday of skankiness was decades ago…..Until America wakes up and turns off the mind warping of these so called “reality shows”, then my shots at this sheer stupidity will continue….And for those who do not like what I have to say, you can always turn to crap sites such as Infowars for more mind numbing entertainment…..

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 16th, 2013

It is Sunday again, and time for my weekly rant about exactly what the hell is happening in our sick world….

First and foremost…. Today is of course Father’s Day, and I want to send out a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there…. We do indeed do a lot, and put up with a lot…. It is nice to have one day for us….

My father passed away almost 13 and 1/2 years ago due to the ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease… He was in the last stages of Dementia, and his mind was finally shutting down.  It was sad to have to pull the plug on him and watch him pass away, though peacefully.

I have realized in my research into the true Jewish criminals out to destroy and conquer this world that I do owe a lot to my father, who for years told me that things are absolutely not as they seem…. He was the first to tell me at a very early age that we have been seriously lied to, and that what we have been told about the Second World War are not the truth.  I do remember him constantly telling me that what we were told about Adolf Hitler were lies, and that the true criminals were Roosevelt and Churchill….. He also seriously doubted the validity of the so called Jewish “Holocaust” and said to me that the truth is far different than what was promoted!….. Thanks to my own research over decades, I can safely say that he was indeed a man of great wisdom and knowledge and very much ahead of his time…..  Therefore for this Father’s Day, I do want to honor his memory, and for helping to guide me to where I am today….. Thank you so much, Dad, I will never forget you….

I want to again thank everyone for their patience with this blog… I have not been doing the amount of articles that I used to due to many personal needs and issues.   Family has always come first as well as my own health and well being.   I have therefore missed a lot of important material out there,  and I am constantly playing “catch up” to get back up to speed…..  This is why I always say that in my absence, there are other great writers, many friends of mine, out there to check out.

I honestly do not know what to make of the American public and their unwillingness to go after the criminals in charge of their once great nation that have been spying on them, and violating every freedom and liberty that they used to have…..We had ECHELON in the 1990’s which was an Israeli developed spy program to listen in on every telephone conversation in North America, and few did anything to stop these criminals from continuing with that criminal operation…. Then we had the Israelis develop a more intrinsic spy program for obtaining personal data on their potential victims that they originally could not use without costing billions of dollars. Their Mossad Agent, Mark Zuckerberg, took this program, and developed it into a “Social Media” where the sucker Gentiles would, and have given their personal information for free!…. Therefore this latest program, named PRISM, is just the evolution of these original programs into the new monster that we see today…..The problem is that the American (and Canadian) people are just too brain dead now to even put up much of a fight against this latest loss of personal freedom, which does not bode well for the future of America (and Canada) itself…. Where the hell is the outcry?

Of course we have the criminals in the US government and their masters in Tel Aviv Israel turning back the clock and pushing the lie of Syrian chemical weapons for an invasion of that innocent nation, much like they pushed the lie of Iraqi “chemical weapons” as their excuse for an invasion of Iraq back in 2003.   What troubles me is that the chemicalized American people will fall for this lie now exactly like they fell for it ten years ago.   Are the attention spans and the memories of the average American really that short?

All the evidence we have seen over the last 6 months at least has shown clearly that it has been the US/Israeli paid murderous mercenaries ( the so called Al-Qaeda “rebels”) that have been using American made chemical weapons against the innocent civilians in Syria, and absolutely NOT the Syrian government forces as the Jewish media claims….. Even the UN did their own investigation and sent out reports a few months ago that it was the REBELS who were using chemical weapons against civilians.  Only now has the UN itself suddenly changed its story ( shows who controls the UN) and is in lockstep with the criminals in the US and Israel in stating that Assad’s forces were the “culprits”…

Is America really ready for another war based on lies?  Unlike the Iraqi invasion of 2003, this upcoming attack on Syria would indeed be a huge gamble, and the outcome uncertain for the US itself.  Iraq was prepared for its 2003 invasion by over a decade of sanctions that weakened that nation for it to be ripe for the picking.  Syria may be in a “civil war” right now with invading US/Israeli insurgents, but the Syrian government is well armed, has the full support of its people, and has alliances with both Iran and RUSSIA.  The Russians themselves backed off when the US attacked Iraq in 2003, but there is no backing off this time with Syria.   And of course Iran will not hesitate in providing weapons and even troops for the defense of their Syrian ally as well…..

But the buildup for an attack on Syria is going on right at this very instant…. The Americans have been pouring in troops and equipment into neighboring Jordan right under everyone’s noses under the disguise of calling that troop movement a planned “military exercise” that is to conclude later this month.  I can guarantee that once this “exercise” is completed, these troops are not going anywhere, and will be used for the land attack into Syria that could come as early as late summer….

Another real problem for the planned attack on Syria is Turkey on the northern border of Syria itself.  Erdogan’s regime in Turkey is now in serious crisis as we have seen the Turkish people rise up in protest against his brutal policies.  We saw this week as Erdogan ordered his police forces to clear out the protestors in Istanbul, but clashes, sometimes violent, are still going on everywhere in that nation.  The proud Turkish people have finally had enough of the Jewish control over their nation (yes, Turkey has been under Jewish domination since the Jewish Young Turks seized that nation over a century ago) and definitely want no part of the US/Israeli planned invasion of Syria.  There is also still the question mark about the Turkish Army itself and whether they will continue to support a faltering regime, or finally support the Turkish people in their fight for true freedom.

While attention has been focused on Syria and its non-existent chemical weapons, there was a Presidential Election taking place in Iran to replace outgoing President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad.  Ahmadenijad could not seek another term as President under Iranian law, and the criminals in the United States and Israel were looking at this election as an opportunity to have a more “moderate” President in place in Iran that would simply hand Iran over to them and therefore make their planned attack on Iran itself a moot point.  However, it does appear that these criminals did not get what they wanted, because Iranian President-elect Hassan Rouhani, though some say is a “moderate”, is definitely an Iran-firster, and will continue with many of the policies of outgoing President Ahmadinejad.   Therefore the planned attack on Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons facilities by the criminals in both the US and Israel is still on….

There are indeed other things that have been happening in the world that does not concern the Middle East…. The economic situation all over the globe is continuing to crumble.   It is bad enough that the European Union is in tatters and that most European nations are now indeed totally bankrupt thanks to Jewish criminality.  But half a world away in Japan, there is rising fears that the Japanese economy is now in total failure, with the same fears rising of “austerity” measures to be imposed on the Japanese people.  It is bad enough for the Japanese that they have to endure the ravages of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, but this economic disaster could spell the end of their economy, and leave Japan in ruins.   I am amazed about how Japan, which at one point back in the 1970’s and 1980’s rivaled the US as a true economic super-power has fallen this far…..

I heard this week that while world attention has been focused on Syria, the UN has quietly begun to move 3000 troops into the African nation of the Congo.   That nation has been ravaged by decades of civil war that is fueled primarily by the Congolese people fighting Jewish interests who want the Congo’s huge wealth of natural resources.   Lets not kid ourselves then… This move by the UN is to put an end to any chance of the people of the Congo freeing themselves from Jewish power, and to make sure the Congo’s minerals are developed for Jewish profits…. Just like the war in Mali for Mali’s Gold, we have this war in the Congo for natural resources as well.

I have not covered the criminality of Monsanto and their Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) laced food that people here in North America primarily are being subjected to on a daily basis.   Others such as my friend Noor, over at “Snippits and Snappits” (www.snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com) have been putting up some amazing articles covering this crime against humanity very well….. I for one am perplexed that more and more people here have not been up in arms over these criminals purposely poisoning our food and our survival as a species.   I do wonder if the GMO’s have already done their dirty work well in making everyone nothing more than helpless sheep being led to a slaughter!

And speaking of the criminality of Monsanto…. I have been reading how their primary Herbicide called “Roundup” that is readily available to the public (I used to use it myself for yard weed control) is actually a deadly carcinogen and contains chemicals that have also been linked to both birth defects and sterility!   It is sad to say that while the US has already begun to ban “Roundup| as a weed control, the Canadian government has not yet banned its usage here in Canada… Isn’t that just wonderful?

Speaking of my friend, Noor…. I received an interesting e-mail from her that asked myself and others to be very careful of a virus that has been going around that causes a person’s computer to play Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” every time you go into a site that is possibly monitored by the new NSA “PRISM” program….. We are not sure if this widget was constructed by anyone over at “Firefox” but do be careful… Do NOT download this widget, because supposedly after time, its playing of that same song over and over again will drive you absolutely bonkers!

Well, I guess that is it for now….. I have a full Father’s Day of rest (and yard work) ahead of myself.   But I will close this rant with my usual last minute tidbits…..  Does anyone still believe in the man made Global Warming fiasco?  Considering how cold it is definitely getting all over the planet, I am surprised that Al Gore and his criminal cohorts are still around…. While the criminal Israelis continue their lust for war against Syria, I see they are still building illegal settlements and stealing the land of Palestine that is not theirs.  This atrocity against the Palestinians continues, and few people notice…. I am not sold on this “Snowden” character being used as the fall guy for the US NSA “PRISM” scandal.  If this guy was truly legit, the US would have already killed him some time ago…….The Fukushima Nuclear disaster in Japan is still going strong, with no end in sight.  Nuclear contamination of the entire northern hemisphere of this planet continues, and it seems people could care less……Has anyone else noticed that there is little reporting coming out about the supposed shooting in Santa Monica California?  Do the Jewish criminals controlling the media now know that the American public are now psychologically in “shooting” overload and are having to change their tactics?……I see this last week that the fraudulent Curiosity “Mars” rover has announced it found “drinkable” water on “Mars”.  More like it found drinkable water in the desert of the western United States.   I still say NASA is setting everyone up for their announcement of “life” on “Mars”, and they may do it soon to divert peoples’ attention away from the corruption of the present Soetoro administration……And finally, and I know everyone has been waiting for it, the news about America’s greatest family, the Kardashians!  It seems that Kim gave birth yesterday to a baby girl.   Now we will have at least 6 months, or sadly years, of news everywhere about that skank trollop parading her new daughter to divert American public attention away from real news that should concern every one of them…. Just wonderful!

More to come