FX cancels The Bastard Executioner after one season


When I discovered that FX had cancelled this show I was totally bummed.

It had a great cast, beautiful locations and a some what taboo story but well worth watching. 

This is my take on the cancellation as written at IMDB.  WW~


Sir Wilkin BrattleI for one, will miss Sir Wilkin Brattle

Unknown actor Lee Jones excelled in this mystical medieval story which focused on the unknown truth surrounding who exactly Jesus Christ was in a historical context during the dark times of the rule of the Catholic church over all of Christendom in Europe.

I loved the Christ mythology that was presented in the show and applaud Sutter for putting it out there once again for ordinary people to possibly ponder. Even in 2015 most can’t accept any other narrative about Christ other than what is written in the bible which was written by scribes and scholars loyal to the Catholic church.

I’ve said forever, that if Christ did come back to earth again they would still crucify him a second time for still being a heretic.

Seems not much has changed since medieval times which is a damned shame. I would have thought that the modern, more learned than ever human being would have far surpassed the fairy tales of the church by now.

Now we’ll never know what Sutter could have brought to the table regarding this incredible new vision of interpreting who Christ may have really been, which I’ve questioned for a decade myself.

Of course, I will also miss the expanding love interest between Sir Wilkin and Baroness Lady-Love Ventriss and the possibility that they would have produced a child together.

Damn the simpletons and the non-visionaries. You can’t take TBE but you can watch Jax Teller and his compatriots burn their enemies alive in a pit and I guess that’s not so bad.

I beg to disagree.