Gary Numan’s New World Order video to end all others……


We were dust in a world of grim obsession
We were torn from our life of isolation
We were pulled from our path of least resistance
And the songs we sang? ‘What became of us?’

We are here waiting for you
We are here waiting for you

We are yours, we’re waiting for you
We are yours, we’re waiting for you

We all prayed for the end, for their God to take us
We were falling down one by one
We were weak and the fear was all around us
The machines screamed from moon to sun

We are here waiting for you
We are here waiting for you

We are yours, we’re waiting for you
We are yours, we’re waiting for you

We are yours, we’re waiting for you
We are yours, we’re waiting for you

A change of venue for Pragmatic Witness II

In the beginning, I was aiming for former readers to find my site after losing my domain PRAGMATICWITNESS.COM, which I was informed by WordPress that it was auctioned off after a certain amount of time; time that I did not have to re-establish it.

I had intended on focusing on the same subjects that the original Pragmatic Witness was compiled of (, that being the truth about America and the ultra-secret Jews that orchestrate our lives from cradle to grave.

hollywood-bannerObviously, I did not get too far with that concept so a few weeks ago I thought, why not focus on the same subject but from a different perspective; the entertainment industry consisting of movies, films, television programs and music.

If you did not know before, Hollywood in all it’s forms and the music industry has been brainwashing and indoctrinating the American people for over a century.

Jewish run Hollywood (not Arabs) have given Americans the ability to lose all their inhibitions beginning with pornography, then denying God, and learning to embrace evil, which basically reduced or devolved us to our basic primal instincts.  And I haven’t even began to talk about what the sports industry has reduced grown men to.

We may consciously behave within society and culture, but in private it’s another story.  We are not the decent Americans of half a century ago.  Now, this has not happened to every American, but a large majority has fallen under the Hollywood spell and a “spell” it definitely is.

Hollywood used to be called Hollywoodland.

hollywoodlandFrom –

A beautiful white wood with an almost invisible grain; looks very much like ivory. Holly is associated with the death and rebirth symbolism of winter in both Pagan and Christian lore and is important to the Winter Solstice. In Arthurian legend, Gawain (representing the Oak King of summer) fought the Green Knight, who was armed with a holly club to represent winter. It is one of the three timbers used in the construction of chariot wheel shafts. It was used in spear shafts also. The qualities of a spear shaft are balance and directness, as the spear must be hefted to be thrown the holly indicates directed balance and vigor to fight if the cause is just. Holly may be used in spells having to do with sleep or rest, and to ease the passage of death. A bag of leaves and berries carried by a man is said to increase his ability to attract women.
  However, the tree’s main area of power is divination.

Do you now understand why the film industry was named HOLLYWOOD?  Well, it should be obvious.  The industry can hypnotize you in ways you never thought true or even remotely possible, and they’ve done it to each and every American since motion pictures came into existence in 1894.

Turner Classic Movies first televised this 100th anniversary of the motion picture in 1994.

For lack of an exciting, more challenging life I turned to movies and television and then music at a young age to occupy and challenge my mind.  I became a walking encyclopedia of the golden age of Hollywood, and an expert on early rock-n-roll, then hard R&R, then metal music.  However, something miraculous happened.  After years of being indoctrinated by everything Hollywood and the music industry, I walked away from it, and decided that whatever I subjected myself would be on my terms – not theirs.  It’s been that way now for over a decade.

Hollywood has its uses and occasionally makes exceptional films.  Otherwise, shy away from the most potent drug in America – the big idiot box in theatres and the little one in your home.

From establishing the worst Hollywood has to offer these days, I also will post television and movie reviews and news about upcoming films especially the ones I want to see and those you would probably like to pass.

As always, I welcome thoughts and comments about this industry as it does affect us all and in many ways interferes with our daily routines.